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Our Impact


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* 58% of the UK is working class but only 20% of the media is. The UK BAME population is 14%, and within the media this drops to only 8%.

Theory of  Change

Activities (3)

Providing subsidised accommodation and mentorship
to aspiring journalists

Media organisations (1)
  1. Recognise that diversity is not charity and requires investment
  2. Benefit from guidance on designing an internship that appeals to a wider audience
  3. Benefit from more diverse applicants (via PressPad networks, and because they can advertise support via PressPad)
  1. Take on internships that they otherwise would not have been able to afford
  2. Stay engaged with PressPad alumni network. Some interns build lasting relationships with hosts 
  3. Take on further journalism opportunities (beyond the scope of the pilot)
  4. Pursue a career in journalism (beyond the scope)
  1. Learn from their interns
  2. Speak about diversity (and inclusion) differently and feel that they are making a difference to their profession
  3. Actively get involved in other mentoring opportunities

Journalists from lower socioeconomic backgrounds enter the industry, and can remain in it thanks to their new support network


Diversification of the pipeline of applicants into the media

An organisation looking to change?

Calling all researchers

We’re interested and open to academic and research proposals exploring the way our scheme defines eligibility, in order to make it as effective as possible. If you’re an academic studying this area and would like to collaborate with us please get in touch.