PressPad is more than an accommodation solution


We know organisations need support in many areas. So we’ve devised a comprehensive list of services to support your diversity goals through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting, training, recruitment and internship design.


Our knowledge, expertise and experience can help you with:


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PA Media

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The PressPad Charitable Foundation

The PressPad Charitable Foundation was founded in February 2021 to improve social mobility in the media. This works, alongside PressPad, to provide services that we believe are crucial but not financially sustainable.

The charitable foundation focuses on training, support and advocacy with activities that include remote workshops,CV clinics, peer support events, thought leadership, and activism within the industry on issues of pay, representation and best practice.

The charitable foundation also allows us to pass on funding to smaller and more niche organisations whose missions align with ours, but who might be working in an adjacent space, to create a coalition of diverse projects.

If you want to partner with our charity on its programmes and impact you can find out more here: