You lose more than you gain - my thoughts on unpaid internships


After my first year of studying journalism at university, I wanted an internship in the industry - I thought it would offer invaluable experience. But “invaluable” experience doesn’t really exist I think. You always have value.

I understand that everyone needs a start in journalism - it’s all very well that I am sitting, writing this now while I have a steady part-time job. But that internship in London, while I did enjoy it, it made me start to hate journalism just a little bit.

It wasn’t five days a week which I was grateful for - it was at most three days. I stayed in my brother’s student accommodation because he was studying in London and I didn’t at the time have anyone I knew in London. Even though he brought food for me it still felt a bit wrong that I was doing all this work for free.

The work wasn’t too hard, it was an editorial and design internship at a magazine. My expenses weren’t covered and I was often sent all around London to deliver packages. It was also a bit scary for me. I didn’t know London that well at all, I’d never even caught a London bus on my own before. I got lost numerous times and as a village girl, it was very much out of my comfort zone. But I learnt a lot about London and how to get around it (thanks to google maps that is)!

London offered me a lot of opportunities in terms of the life experience I gained (like how to navigate London transport). I ate good food - thanks to my brother and his girlfriend - took myself on dates (because dating yourself is awesome) and met some pretty awesome people. But the internship, unfortunately, did not. I wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, it had its highs and lows like a majority of experiences and it felt nothing like what I had signed up for.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t imagine it to be like how it is in the Devil Wears Prada. It was just a very odd experience - working for nothing. I wholly recognise my privilege in being able to have such an experience and I am grateful for it. It was a small launchpad for my career but I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially during a pandemic where the world has shut down, there are so many ways of getting experience from the comfort of your own home. You could dabble in freelancing [link Nicola’s] or maybe attending webinars to help hone your skills for when internships re-open. Maybe student media could also be an option for you? What I’m saying is - know your worth, assess your decisions carefully and think “Will it benefit your future?” 

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