Organisations and charities improving media diversity

We as PressPad are working hard to lower the social and financial barrier of entry into journalism and to ultimately diversify the media. 

We know we are not alone in our cause and we want to show our appreciation and raise awareness of other charities and organisations that are fighting to improve representation and inclusivity in the media. For this reason, we have created a list of organisations focusing on creating fair and equal opportunities for those who are disadvantaged and underrepresented; and are challenging the homogeneity of voices in the media worldwide.

Journalism Diversity Fund

The Journalism Diversity Fund is an organisation that has been running since 2005 which awards bursaries to talented people from diverse backgrounds who need help funding their NCTJ journalism training. It is a great scheme for increasing diversity within the media - and the recipients of this bursary will also be paired with a working journalist to mentor them throughout their studies.

Media Diversity Institute 

An international organisation that strives for accurate and nuanced reporting on important issues surrounding race, religion, ethnicity, class, disability and many more social and cultural injustices. They are fighting to eradicate negative stereotypes and biases in the media and are combating this through a wide range of conferences, workshops and campaigns. In September 2011 they also teamed up with London’s University of Westminster and Communications Department and created a one year Master’s course which focuses on theoretical and practical practices on how to tackle diversity issues in the media.

International Women’s Media Foundation

The IWMF strives to unleash the power of female journalists and to improve women’s representation and opportunities in the media. This organisation provides safety training, byline opportunities and emergency support tailored to women working in the media worldwide.

NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

This organisation is run by journalists, media professionals, educators and students that are striving for fair, accurate, and equal representation of LGBTQ+ issues in newsrooms and in media coverage. Enhance the professionalism, skills and career opportunities for LGBTQ+ journalists. Their goals are to:

  • Strengthen the identity, respect and status of LGBTQ+ journalists in the newsroom and throughout the practice of journalism.
  • Advocate for the highest journalistic and ethical standards in the coverage of LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Collaborate with other professional journalist associations and promote the principles of inclusion and diversity within our ranks.
  • Provide mentoring and leadership to future journalists

Brixton Finishing School

Brixton Finishing School runs a free 10-week course which helps students and young people from underrepresented backgrounds. The course consists of a range of lectures and masterclasses, networking, and other opportunities that can help people develop their digital, creative, and professional skills and kick start their careers within the media sector. The courses are open to people who identify as female, neurodiverse, BAME, those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds challenged with their income, and more. 

Creative Mentor Network

This mentoring model is run by Teach First alumni Isabel Farchy to provide networking and career opportunities for people from underrepresented and lower socio-economic backgrounds. Their programmes are made to educate and to break down the social and financial barriers faced by underrepresented individuals; and for these individuals to have access to equal and fair opportunities to achieve their full potential within the media industry.

Creative Access

Creative Access is a social enterprise that is dedicated to providing opportunities and support to disadvantaged individuals that are underrepresented in the media in terms of ethnicity, disability, socio-economic background. They help these individuals overcome these barriers into employment and to make the industry a more diverse and inclusive place. 

Media For All

Media For All recognises the lack of representation of Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in the media and has created a mentoring network which provides equal opportunities for BAME talent to grow and flourish.

Creative Equals

This is an award-winning global consultancy that is striving for diversity and inclusion in the creative industry. They offer a range of training and also host events such as ‘Diverse Minds on Neurodiversity’ and ‘RISE on Inclusive Creativity ' which expose  industry gaps and injustices and discuss resolutions and their vision for a diverse future.

These organisations are working to provide fair and equal opportunities and are supporting those from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. Hopefully all of their work will help improve and work towards inclusivity and diversity in the media. 

Note: If you run a charity or organisation or know any we should add to our list - contact us at with the subject line Article update: Organisations and charities fighting to improve diversity and representation in the media’

Image credit: Kelli Tungay on Unsplash