List of places to get free/discounted journo kit

These days reporting is done through so many ways. Gone are the days where all you needed was a notepad and pen (although both are still two key things you should always have on you!). 

With the rise of digital, having access to items that help you record audio and video to create content for social media and/or broadcast has become more prevalent. 

However, we all know how quickly the costs of investing in such equipment can add up if you do not get access to such things through your workplace and are footing the bill.

What are items that you could have in your kit?

This will differ, depending on what type of journalism you are doing or planning to do. These are some of the main items many journalists use to record content on the go:

-   Backpack

-   Smartphone

-   Mobile journalism equipment (selfie sticks, phone rigs/ stabilisers, lighting)

-   Laptop

-   (Video) camera

-   Portable chargers

-   Audio recorder

-   Microphone(s)

-   Notebook and pen(s)

Where to buy?

Of course, there are the usual big-name contenders (cough, Amazon) for cheap deals on tech and anything else you could need for your journalism kit.

However, here is a list of some other places to get free/discounted journo kit:

Visual Impact

Visual Impact stocks a range of new, used, and ex-rental broadcast equipment – including cameras, tripods, audio recording devices, microphones, lights, and other accessories.

Should you have some gear already and are looking for an upgrade, they also offer a part-exchange programme.


Retailer Movo specialises in audio, video and photography gear – often at a very discounted price when compared with other brands.

They sell lots of equipment for vlogging, podcasting, and separate microphones, and many items that are perfect for any journalist’s toolkit. At times, you can get bundles, such as a full smartphone video kit (including rig and microphone) all in one at a discounted rate. 

Facebook Marketplace and/or eBay |

Facebook Marketplace and eBay are a great way to find used items locally and further afield. Especially if you are living in a city/ region which has a lot of media professionals in it, it is worth checking these platforms as to whether they are selling any used gear.

Note: As you will maybe be buying from people rather than established sellers, you might not get guarantee on your items, nor can you sometimes return them. As with everything you buy second-hand in this manner, take care when looking at listings. See an offer that feels too good to be true? That very much might be the case. If possible, check reviews of sellers, try and go see the item in-person (if possible), and look at other prices to avoid being scammed and/or receiving an item that’s not up to scratch.

#mojofest Facebook Group

#mojofest Group is an online community for mobile journalism (mojo) enthusiasts to meet, share and exchange ideas, and support each other.

While there aren’t that many posts directly related to selling equipment in it, they do pop up sometimes, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on all updates. By following the group, you will also stay in the loop about lots of new tech, as well as being able to read reviews on some of the newest products from mobile journalists, to help you make informed decisions on what to include in your kit in the first place!.


Backmarket is technically not geared towards journalism equipment per se, but they sell refurbished phones, laptops, cameras, and other tech at a discounted rate at affordable prices (often as much as 50% less than new) and offer a 12-month sellers’ warranty. They also offer to let you pay your purchases in instalments via the Klarna app, should you ot want to fork out all the money upfront.

Credit: Canva Pro image collage by PressPad