Key learnings from the Representology journal launch

The PressPad team are delighted with the Representology Journal launch. We stand by their mission and we urge you all to read it here.

The Journal of Media and Diversity’s first issue – Representology – was launched on March 31 along with a special Q&A from its members. The journal is in partnership with Birmingham City University, Cardiff University and the Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity and was launched by Sir Lenny Henry. 

The event was full of inspiring takeaways, and we’re giving you la creme de la creme, starting with this quote by the event leader Sir Lenny Henry on how to use your privilege:

"Be an ally. Speak up when you see aggression. Weigh in when someone is having a problem getting their point across and use the privilege you have to help others."
Sir Lenny Henry
Credit: Representology Journal

The panel included speakers like Marcus Ryder MBE, Leah Cowan and Dr David Dunkley Gyimah – all of which offered an amazing insight into diversity – or lack of it – in the industry today.

Author of Access All Areas – The Diversity Manifesto for TV and Beyond, and one of the PressPad Foundation board members, Marcus Ryder said regarding structural racism in the media:

"We have watershed moments, what happens is we don't build on them. We forget the lessons."

Marcus Ryder

Leah Cowan, a writer and editor, talked about diversity at every level in the industry with evocative language: 

“If quotas help people to get through the door, any and all tactics are useful. But diversity has to be seen at all levels – there is no point in having a diversity quota for entry-level jobs if the boards are still snowy white peaks.”

Leah Cowan

Another key teaching from the event came from Professor Diane Kemp – a founding member of the Journal. Diane talked about the work behind the journal saying:

“Research is vital, but that is not enough, it has to be accessible and readable. It was important that it looked like something someone would want to pick up and read.”

Professor Diane Kemp

The journal itself is essential reading – it calls out the UK media industries “historic failing around diversity” and offers simple, clear helpful recommendations from Marverine Duffy to help educate about diversity, including reading list, a watching list and a listening list.

The Representology bible is available for download now and the event can be streamed here.

Credit: Canva Pro image collage by PressPad