Intern profile: Dora Pongracz

Dora found an intership at The Sun as a Fashion assistant and needed PressPad's services to find accomodation.

Learn more about her experience below:


  • 4 weeks in 2019


  • Anch Warlow, Production Editor at Hello! Magazine


Fashion assistant at The Sun

About Dora 

Based in Budapest, Dora is a marketing writer and journalist at a Hungarian architecture firm. While studying for her master’s degree in the UK, Dora landed an internship at The Sun’s Stylist magazine. The experience encouraged her to branch out into marketing for Hungarian beauty brands and magazines. She combines her creative flair and eye for detail to produce sparkling copy for commercial and media clients alike.

Dora’s experience

“When I first heard of PressPad, I did not believe that such a ‘thing’ would exist. It sounded too good to be true, but I trusted my friends who recommended it. It was offering free accommodation in my favourite city to help me do my dream job. 

“In my application I explained that fashion journalism is what I’d always wanted to do and that I had this amazing opportunity lined up at The Sun’s fashion desk, but I had no idea where to stay. My university didn’t fund my work experience away and my student loan didn’t cover more than my living costs – help a girl out please! 

“It didn’t take PressPad long to find me a host, the amazing Anch Warlow. Anch is always open to new things, friendly, and he was great company on my London tourist trips. As he works in Hello!, I learnt something new every day. Anch is the perfect example of someone being happy doing what they love; he encouraged me to keep going and push to reach what I want.

“There are no words to describe how much fun I had. I am extremely grateful to Presspad for finding me a place to stay, because it made my experience even better. I didn’t just get my dream job and stay in the city where I wanted to live, but I made friends who I know will support me. That’s why I still text Anch when something exciting happens in my career!”