Intern profile: Dan Clark

Dan found an intership at BBC News Labs and needed PressPad's services to find accomodation.

Learn more about his experience below:


  • 9 weeks in 2018


  • Archie Bland, First Edition newsletter editor, The Guardian

  • Aubrey Allegretti, political correspondent, The Guardian

  • Paul Bignell, assistant producer, BBC


  • BBC News Labs

About Dan 

Dan Clark is a graphics journalist in the Financial Times’ Visual Storytelling Team, an interdisciplinary group of journalists combining data, design, coding and reporting skills. He focuses on projects where visual elements play an essential role in communicating the story, working on everything from investigations to explainers across the spectrum of news and features. Dan’s experience at BBC News Labs opened the doors to exciting roles in interactive journalism at The Times, and editing for a company providing business analytics and data science. 

Dan’s experience

“When I got the call from the head of the BBC News Labs that I’d been accepted onto this Google scheme, I couldn’t believe it. It was such a great opportunity for me and helped me secure a job in media after university. Just having ‘Google’ and ‘BBC’ on my CV felt a bit surreal!  But the initial excitement in being offered an internship was quickly overshadowed by concerns: Where would I live and how would I afford it? When a friend sent me a link to PressPad, I thought it was too good to be true. 

“The support that PressPad offered me went far beyond the financial aspect. Having mentors who work in the industry at huge organisations was amazing and all were more than happy to talk through concerns and answer any questions I had as a London newbie.

“Without PressPad, my placement would have left me with (even more) debt and working 12+ hour days. Most importantly, it allowed me to experience a different side of the media industry due to the expertise of my mentors and the network of media professionals that I’ve been introduced to. Hopefully in the not-so-distant future, I’ll be able to return the favour for someone in my position!”