Host profile: Anch Warlow

Anch Warlow is the production editor at Hello! Magazine. He started volunteering with PressPad in 2018.

Learn more about his experience below:

About Anch

Anch Warlow is the production editor at Hello! Magazine. He moved to London 20 years ago and has been with the country’s No. 1 celebrity magazine since 2007. He tells us that he was lucky enough to have contacts who helped him find a temporary first home and news shifts to kickstart his career - now he wants to give other budding journalists the same opportunity. He lives in what estate agents would call a “cosy”, small, two-bedroom flat overlooking Clapham Junction, which is perfect for connections into town and the rest of the country.

Anch’s Experience

I enjoy hosting to help new talent get a leg up, and I generally find I learn more from them than they do from me.

Dylan was a delight to host; it worked so well that we extended his stay beyond the initial few weeks. He’s got an amazing inquiring mind and our discussions over the kitchen table certainly stretched my knowledge over a bewildering range of topics. He’s also a very considerate, polite and respectful guest.

Dora is an absolute gem, we really hit it off and I’m so glad to see she’s doing very well for herself back in Hungary. She was no trouble at all as a guest and she’s a fashion goddess.

Ewan is a born news hound and didn’t need much help from me professionally, but he was good fun to have around and a great guest, respectful and no trouble at all.

Megan was another great guest, very sweet, great company and astonishingly bright. Very pleased to see they’re doing well for themself and doing a bit of mentoring of their own!