Host profile: Alice Fordham

Alice Fordham is an audio journalist and former international correspondent. She started volunteering with PressPad in 2019.

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About Alice 
Alice is an audio journalist and former international correspondent with experience reporting in Iraq, USA, Guatemala, Mexico, and Algeria. Currently a reporter at JUNM, a radio station in New Mexico, Alice has produced audio for The Economist’s flagship daily podcast, The Intelligence, The Guardian’s Today in Focus podcast, and The Financial Times. As a correspondent for NPR she covered the Arab Spring and subsequent fallout, and much of the war against ISIS. She’s worked in print for The Economist, the Washington Post, and The National (UAE) among others. She was a Stern Fellow in 2011 and shortlisted for a Livingston Award in 2017 for her work on Syria.

Alice’s experience
“It was such a pleasure to share my space for a little while with Juliette. I really enjoyed meeting her and hearing her perspectives on the industry she was thinking about getting into. I hope it was worthwhile for her - it certainly was fun for me.”