Don't have a mentor? Newsletters are a great place to start

When starting out in any industry, guidance is always effective. If you think you’re ready to search for a mentor, you should consider asking yourself these questions before reaching out:

  • What is your reason for choosing them?
  • Do you admire their work?
  • Do they seem happy in their career?
  • Can they help you reach your goal?
  • What do you specifically want to get out of mentoring?
  • Can you be professionally open and honest with them and vice versa?

I found my first mentor by DM’ing her on Twitter - don’t be afraid! The worst thing they could say is no!

These questions will be difficult to answer for most of us. Iit can be hard to know what type of guidance you specifically need.

Introducing the next best thing after mentors: newsletters! 

They can offer valuable advice, great tips and can be helpful to understand what you are after in a mentor-mentee relationship. 

The beauty of this medium is that they can be quite tailored to niche needs - therefore it's simply the case of finding the right ones.

Here are our top picks to help you get started:

Northern Natter 

At PressPad we're all for breaking the London journalism bubble. It's only then natural to have this brilliant newsletter on our list. The letter hosts exclusive updates, guest posts and exciting job opportunities in Scotland and North England, and also has a podcast. Cooked up by Katie Baggot and Katie Williams, what's not to love! 

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The Peak District

Another well-loved newsletter by the PressPad team. It too is a true supporter of non-London centric journalism and making opportunities in the creative sector more accessible. It offers helpful tips, stirring inspiration and job opportunities too. 

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Here are our top picks to help you get started:


ILIKENETWORKING is a brilliant platform aimed to empower women and non-binary professionals in the creative industry. They are such a valuable resource and offer consistently excellent content in their newsletter. It, like PressPad, is striving for more diversity in the industry.

Sign up here! (They may have a special surprise for you in our next newsletter)

 Freelance Writing Jobs

The help is in the name of this one! Sian Meades-Williams has designed an awesome newsletter dedicated to freelance writers. If that's something you're starting out in or thinking about delving into - this newsletter could be a great place to start.

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Media Beans

Media beans are my god-send. I love their list of jobs and as someone who is all-too familiar with job hunting, I find it extremely helpful. If you're in the same boat I highly recommend you to sign up.

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Yes! We have one too! It's for young journalists and hosts great jobs, events and a reading list. I also write a column for it. And I love it! It comes out every two weeks and is tailored specifically for those starting out in the media industry.

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When I started out in journalism, I didn’t realise the potential of newsletters to help our career. Now you do - so good luck!

Credit: Canva Pro image collage by PressPad