15 top tips from PressPad Remote


As PressPad Remote's first season draws to an end this week, Amber Sunner compiles her 15 top tips from it. We thank all of those who tuned in and those who kindly participated in the events. PressPad Remote will return in September! 

TIP 1:

Our very first masterclass was led by PressPad’s Laura Garcia and it was all about prepping to get a journalism job once lockdown was lifted.
She said: “Use LinkedIn to build your network." 

TIP 2:

Nicola Slawson offered her expert advice on networking. A whizz at building and maintaining networks she said to our audience: “Approach networking as if you’re making friends, it helps takes the pressure off you.”

TIP 3:

The fantastic Victoria Polley also joined us for a great Insta Live Q&A where she talked about her time in radio so far. She gave a great tip to our viewers.

“Radio should normally be in a conversational tone.”

TIP 4:

PressPad founder Olivia Crellin led an informative masterclass all about the secrets behind successfully pitching a documentary. She gave some brilliant tips saying not to give all of your ideas up front. Olivia added that if you do get rejected make tweaks to your pitch and try again!

TIP 5:

Our Insta Live Q&A with Shingi Mararike was brilliantly led by Ayomikun Adekaiyero and proved to be inspiring and educational. Shingi said candidly: “Ask people lots of questions. Be interested in the people you meet in the newsroom."

TIP 6:

In another of our remote masterclasses, Laura Garcia talked about how to write a killer journalism CV. She talked all about developing a brand and thinking beyond the usual 2D paper CVs. A truly mind-opening masterclass.

TIP 7:

The brilliant business journalist Portia Crowe led an illuminating masterclass all about her journey into business journalism. She ventured into the niche with no previous experience in business. Portia said that business doesn’t have to be scary and said that it has a lot of perks like it’s potential to take you around the world!

TIP 8:

Nicola Slawson hosted another incredibly useful masterclass all about the benefits of mentoring. She started out in the journalism industry with no previous connections but said that she worked “a bit harder and a bit savvier” to make her break into the industry.

TIP 9:

Another fantastic guest led masterclass was Senior Director at the BBC Richard Murrell’s! With fantastic zoom backgrounds, funny outtakes and noteworthy information Richard delivered some pearls of wisdom. He gave the useful advice of always having a grab bag just in case you are asked to leave your home to cover a story ASAP.

TIP 10:

Laura Garcia brilliantly led a masterclass all about the future of journalism, more specifically the medium of mobile journalism. Laura gave golden rules to mastering the art of mobile journalism and listed her three most important piece of kit:

     ✰ A phone charger

     ✰ A battery pack

     ✰ A long charger cable

TIP 11:

Dynamic duo Inzy Rashid and Nick Stylianou led a masterclass full of useful practical information all about the importance of the producer-correspondent relationship. Inzy recommended treating your producer like your best friend because the best journalism happens when the relationship is successful

TIP 12:

Nicola hosted another incredible masterclass about how to get into freelancing! It was full of golden nuggets of information including the very practical tip of diversifying your income streams. Nicola said that freelancing gave her greater freedom and flexibility.

TIP 13: 

Jessica Evans, founder of Freelance Session joined us for an Insta Q&A where she talked about freelancing outside of the London bubble. She gave the candid advice: “You don't have to move to London to have a career in journalism. There are other ways to get yourself up the career ladder.”

TIP 14:

Founder of JournoResources Jem Collins gave brilliant advice about how to come up with ideas for pitches in an Insta Q&A. She said: “If you're having trouble coming up with fresh ideas for pitches, take some time out. Get some space, talk to friends, and do some reading to help spark ideas.”

TIP 15:

PressPad's Frank Starling wrapped up PressPad Remote with a useful masterclass on tackling imposter syndrome. Frank gave this brilliant advice: "There is no threshold to accomplishment." He added that success is relative and advised our audience to take pride in your achievements.

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