Why we created PressPad

PressPad is a genuine movement for change. It’s a people-first and tech-empowered scheme to diversify the British media.

Our mission and values

PressPad is an award-winning social enterprise fighting to lower the financial barrier of entry into the UK media and journalism industries. We believe that no person should be prevented from undertaking a career because of their background, where they grew up or how much money their parents have.

What we stand for:






A new collaborative model

We believe that when individuals, newsrooms, and charities work together, millions of people can benefit. People like Kwame.

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Theory of change

Providing subsidised accommodation and mentorship to aspiring journalists

  1. Recognise that diversity is not charity and requires investment
  2. Benefit from guidance on designing an internship that appeals to a wider audience
  3. Benefit from more diverse applicants (via PressPad networks, and because they can advertise support via PressPad)
  1. Take on internships that they otherwise would not have been able to afford
  2. Stay engaged with PressPad alumni network. Some interns build lasting relationships with hosts 
  3. Take on further journalism opportunities (beyond the scope of the pilot)
  4. Pursue a career in journalism (beyond the scope)
  1. Learn from their interns
  2. Speak about diversity (and inclusion) differently and feel that they are making a difference to their profession
  3. Actively get involved in other mentoring opportunities

Journalists from lower socioeconomic backgrounds enter the industry, and can remain in it thanks to their new support network

Diversification of the pipeline of applicants into the media

Our story

PressPad has been a labour of love and sacrifice – just like the journey we know all our interns are on, working to get a foot in the door. Founded by Olivia Crellin, a journalist and a documentary filmmaker by trade – soon after she started a staff job at the BBC, PressPad grew out of the realisation that many other people were struggling, as she had, to find a place to stay while interning in London.

Once she had secured a stable job and wasn’t begging distant relatives or family friends to stay in their spare room, she realised that many of her senior colleagues were really keen to improve diversity and help the next generation but didn’t know where to start. “If only somehow the two could help each other?”, she mused in a Facebook post at the end of 2017… A handful of journalist friends volunteered for her crazy scheme and PressPad was born.

Meet the team

Olivia is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur – as well as the founder of PressPad.

Olivia Crellin

CEO and Founder

Camille is a freelance multimedia journalist, editor and producer with a previous career in adversiting and marketing.

Camille Dupont

Content and Programmes Director

Emily is an avid story consumer and storyteller. She recently graduated from the University of Exeter with a first class English Literature degree.

Emily D’Souza

Social Media & Newsletter Editor

Meet previous team members, our advisory board, ambassadors and host-mentor reps:

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